Media Relations

Media Relations

Our goal together is to not only earn your media placements in a variety of outlets and channels, but it is also to define the media of your target audience and build relationships with reporters and journalists so you can become a “go-to” resource for them. We aim to increase your visibility with the public, generate backlinks, build your brand by tailoring your messaging, and ensure you are staying not only relevant with the times but ahead of the game. “Good PR” is disruptive, authoritative, and looks towards upcoming trends and future headlines.

Media relations

Strategic Target Media Development.

For your messaging to be effective, it needs to reach your target audience. Together, we determine your messaging channels and target outlets that directly reach your customer base and build your authority in the eye of the public. 

Relationship Nurturing.

The media is an organization’s most important ally. Not only are we working to garner media coverage, but we will also focus on nurturing and maintaining relationships with the media, building you as the “go-to” resource for them, and getting your message across their desktop as much as possible. As you start to garner media attention, more and more outlets will recognize your credibility and look to use you as a reputable source.