Mancini Media

Mancini Media Strategy is a boutique agency based out of New York City.  We focus on a specific combination of communications disciplines – public relations, media relations, and brand storytelling – to position our clients in front of the right media, at the right time, in the right way. We believe that a truly successful consultant-client relationship is based on transparency, trust, active communication, a strong understanding of the client’s brand, and connection. These efforts combined create the ultimate process of impacting consumer culture, sharpening public awareness, acquiring authority, and keeping the media on their toes.

Whether you’re a household name, an entrepreneur, or a start-up that has never had public relations in the past, Mancini Media will work as an extension of your organization to enhance your brand. Together, we will complete your brand’s unique story, protect its reputation, and increase your visibility and prestige in the public eye.

Founder, Jennifer Mancini

Jennifer has nearly a decade of hands-on PR experience, both agency and in-house, working with some of the world’s most influential brands, along with mid-level organizations, small business enterprises, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. She has substantial experience representing clients across numerous industries, including tech, health & wellness, finance, lifestyle, and consumer services. Jennifer has an affinity for the start-up and entrepreneurial space and has helped clients, many without any prior media coverage, acquire top tier press in some of the most coveted outlets. 

Having had the invaluable experience of seeing a variety of approaches, strategies, and methodologies throughout her field, she decided to take the most successful of these practices and create an agency that collectively incorporates the best of the best. 

With a passion for writing, storytelling, and all things newsworthy, Jennifer works alongside organizations to grow them into leading-edge and respected influencers within their industry. Her creative eye for unique angles and disruptive headlines positions her clients authoritatively, garnering them media attention and public credibility while always maintaining ethical and transparent communications with external stakeholders.

Jennifer’s avidity for PR – another driving factor behind founding her own agency – comes from the core belief that those who control the media, control society.  She prides herself on her ingenuity to craft and build a brand’s story and communicate their invaluable message to those who need to hear it.

In 2015 I made my mind up that I was going to really make a name for myself by pouring my all into the community and making sure that my message went out to the masses as often and as loudly as possible. I thought that I had done a pretty good job getting into the media and featured in press releases, but Jennifer Mancini (ManciniMediaStrategy) helped really open my eyes. She has helped me completely transform my pitch, improve my website and positioned me to be featured in more media than I could have ever imagined, and with so much more confidence than I thought I had. She’ll forever be my go-to media strategist.

– Brian A. Street, MSW